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So, I was commenting with a friend about yang energy today. You know, that GRRR feeling. That restless RAWR of the wild. So what do you do during those times? Not necessarily to dispel it, but focusing it and letting it resonate in you.

My list:

Stand in front of a mirror and fight with myself. Scheduled, of course.
Grab a particularly competitive friend and have a bike race.
Get naked and paint-y and have wild sex with a canvas.
Find new ways to promote myself.
Sun salutations.
Build a Kali costume and have a party next Monday with the new moon. Maybe some red themed foods. Blood/dying/nourishing/growth.
Gather wood and build a sculpture. Then go after it with an axe.
Paint my face wildly and dance around the room to punk music. RAWR!
Write angsty letters to people... then burn them.

So... what do you do?
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