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Birthdate:Jul 13
Location:Illinois, United States of America
If you cannot be a poet, be the poem. ~David Carradine
As desire recedes, the world becomes clear, pale, and empty. ~Mason Cooley
Those who hear not the music think the dancers mad. ~Chinese Proverb

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alice walker, allen ginsberg, amélie, andrew bird, autumn picnics, awakening, balance, bare feet, bdsm, being a bunny, black phoenix alchemy lab, bob dylan, bonnie prince billy, bpal, buddhism, bunny purrs, burlesque, camping, cats, clarity, color, conversation, cooking to music, corsets, creamy coffee, creating, curiouser and curiouser, d/s, dark chocolate, daydreaming, dreaming, ella fitzgerald, eschewing tv, eskimo kisses, exploring, fall nights, fireflies, france, gillian welch, grinning like mad, guilty pleasures, gusty breezes, gypsies, hamell on trial, healing, imperfections, indian food, intelligence, intense experiences, italy, jack kerouac, jackson pollock, jesca hoop, jolie holland, kind people, kissing in the rain, kitchen witching, kitty kisses, klimt, laughing out loud, learning new concepts, lovely women, loving nature, madness, magic, master, metaphysics, mischievousness, music in the morning, my baby, nag champa, nick drake, nuzzling, organic food, outdoors, pansexuality, passionate moments, photography, pinball, politics, positive energy, pronoia, public radio, purple and orange sunsets, quiet, rain, richard brautigan, righteous babe records, rumi, run lola run, sculpture, secondhand stores, self-preserving compassion, sensuality, serendipity, sex, shakespeare, sharing visions, smelly candles, smudging, soft things, solitude, soul, spirituality, star gazing, subtle sexuality, suzanne vega, sweets, sylvia plath, synchronicity, tao, tattoos, thai food, the ditty bops, the l word, the moon, the ocean, the smell of rain, thrifting, thunderstorms, tom robbins, tom waits, traversing, uncontrollable giggle fits, utah phillips, vaudeville, walking, walking in the rain, walt whitman, wanderlust, wanton love, warm scarves, watching people, wetness, wicked naughtiness, wild women, winter, wit, wonder, woods, words, yes, yummy smells, zen
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