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I am one of 6,706,993,152 Mystics on this planet. I am exaltedly beautiful. I am luck personified. My life is actually one amazing occurrence after another. Even the "bad" things that happen hold gorgeous, passionate pushes toward happiness.

Something happened with all the madness going on in my life for the past 3 weeks. Previously, I had attributed my joy to my situation. I was blissed out because I was in a happy and loving relationship. I was blissed out because I was succeeding. I was blissed out because I was starting to live the life I wanted. Then my empire fell, even if it was temporary. Thank you, Universe. You gave me exactly what I needed at exactly the right time, per usual. I disconnected from that grasp, and reconnected to something far more powerful.

There you are, Ecstatic Joy. You've been waiting for me my whole life. You've been waiting for me before I was born. You were always there. You are a poet. You are a prophet. You are a Mystic.

I let go. I left the notion that I needed it, and it came to me. I laugh. I cry. I dance. I stretch. I breathe.

I sat outside this morning with my very best friend in the world and watched the world wake up. I walked up to a tiny bunny and watched it sleep. I was just a few feet away from him. And the sun was shining. And there was a chipmunk climbing the building. I laughed and sang my familiar, silly mantra. "I'm happy I'm alive! Hoo-hoo hoo-hoo!" It was perfect. Every moment is perfect.

Speaking of mantras, I've burned a CD of Rob's podcast, and I've been listening to them nonstop. With all this Kali energy firing through my blood lately, one particular part resonated in me. The suggestion of the mantra I die daily. What power that is! What power to know that each day is a new one. Not just with the sun rising, but knowing that you are completely new each day. I have always held the belief that my whole psyche is in a never ending process of living, dying and being born again. That has always been part of me, having grown up surrounded by Eastern culture. But the realization of the fact that I must let myself die every day was a calming and joyful illumination.

Every time I laugh, I die. Every time I cum, I die. Every time I take a breath, I die. I let something go. I break old energetical patterns. I create a new me. I clear the way for new paths. There are not words to describe this. I have to go forward in bliss. I have to die to allow the new blisses. I seek security, and the only way to accomplish that is to let the insecurities die and create a space of Happiness. Fiercely. This isn't all innocent, shielded compassion and love with disregard to the balance of yin and yang. It's a shift of perception toward those things. The "bad" is what you make of it. Some things can't be seen as positive, but you can see the purpose beyond the emotional impact.

GAH! It's so beautiful and perfect. You are perfect! Undeniably. And every worry and doubt is like a veil over your eyes. I've been stripping the veils to really SEE the possibility of the world. It's not some crazy New Age thing. It's right in front of everyone.


We are all Mystics.

PS~ In my increasing compassion for life, I have taken to being kind to bugs. I take them off my car and myself and out of my house and transport them to safe places. And I apologize when I accidentally kill one. We are all atoms spinning through the world. They are me and I am them. Just like I am you. And I'm this bed I'm laying on. And the computer. And the plant growing on my windowsill. Hello. Oh, and there is a resurgence of red, spotted ladybugs this year. They are everywhere. They make me happy.


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