My life has been flowing. Things are always changing, naturally. I've been working the Sun Salutations. I have had the honor of meeting new people. I have been on the move. I am a drop rolling back to the river, looking seaward. Or skyward. 'Round and 'round.

And the art. Man! It's rich right now. It's fucking gorgeous. It's everywhere. I am so inspired that I am ringing in this high frequency. There's so much screeching to get out. I'm just a half note below high C. The tension of glass about to break. I'm being flooded with images. They aren't just images of things I want to do, but also images of how they will be done. I need to get my basement together. I need to throw away all that shit so I can put up the photo studio down there. Besides, it would be amazing to take some shots of the creepy places in my 100 year old basement.

I've been rooting down with the same breath. I have been soaking in reds and laaaaaam-in' it up during meditations. Muladhara, baby.

It's very much a yin and yang thing.

I'm excited about life. Things are coming together in unexpected ways. Everything is amazing. Perfect. There is no such thing as wrong. It's right, right, right. All discomfort is fear. The more you resist and cover, the more fear you feel. Peel back the layers and open up.

I want to donate my time. I need to do that.

I went and saw the butterfly exhibit at Brookfield Zoo this weekend. It blew me away. I nearly cried from the beauty of it. I want to sneak in late at night and sleep there. To awaken covered in them would be some kind of otherworldly bliss. I also went by Art In Your Eye in downtown Batavia. Ani made a copper leaf for Joseph Gagnepain's most awesome CommuniTREE. Was inspired repeatedly. Resonate.

Burning Man is in 21 days. Unfuckingbelievable.
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